Get Vista Like Rename File In XP Which Selects File Name Only Not The Extension

Renaming file in vista is very easy,as when ever you rename a file in vista it automatically select the file name when you press the rename key [ F2 ] on your keyboard, But this feature is not available in xp so, generally people mess up with the file extension while renaming a file in a hurry and end up making the file unrecognised due to missing file extension.


If you want to implement this feature of vista and windows xp too, you can use a AutoHotKey based utility called Better Rename.exe, the source script behind this little application is based on the fact that you need to press shift+left arrow key four times when you rename a file with some extension so that you just end up selecting the file name only not the file extension just like vista. Sometime back we had written about another tool called TheEnd which also provides vista like rename in xp

This autohotkey code snippet behind this application

#IfWinActive ahk_class CabinetWClass ~F2:: Gosub, AnalyzeRename return #IfWinActive ahk_class Progman ~F2:: Gosub, AnalyzeRename return #IfWinActive

OldClipboard = %Clipboard%
sleep 100
Send, ^c
StringGetPos,ExtensionPos, Clipboard,.,R
if (ExtensionPos != -1)
Position := StrLen(Clipboard) – ExtensionPos
Send, +{Left %Position%}
Clipboard = %OldClipboard%

Note: No installation required, you just need to run Better Rename.exe to get vista like rename in xp.

Download Better Rename to get vista like rename feature in xp [ Source LifeHacker ]

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