Get To Know When Your Website Is Down

If you are a website developer or you owns a website, then today we will be telling you about a tool called SiteMonitor which you can use to monitor the functioning of your website.

SiteMonitor is a website monitoring program which is designed to check the status of your websites/hosts at regular time interval and will notify you whenever it will found your website to be down. There is also an option available to generate a graphical reports of your sites but this option is not available in free version of this tool.

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This is the snapshot of the free version of this tool. This tool is very simple to use. The basic functioning of this tool is that it records your browser load times for both cached and un cached at regular time interval. Then if it found some error, it immediately notify you about same. It also creates a log file which contains all your log activities for your future references.

If you use number of computers even in different regions around world, then too you can use this tool to give a snap shot of your site accessibility. This is best web administrative tool. You can not only use this tool to monitor your websites but can even use this to monitor other mail servers or even social networking sites.

To add a webserver you will need to click on Add option which is available on top screen of this tool and then a window will open as follows.

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So here in the first option you will need to enter any Friendly Name. Now in next option you will need to choose which URL type you are adding i.e http, https or tcp. You can select any of this URL and then in next row you will need to enter the name of web server. Like you can see above, I have added yahoo mail server’s address. The next option is HTML to match. This is basically the text which you want this tool to match with your web server. Like for yahoo mail server, I have written yahoo to match.

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Now you can click on Test and then this tool will automatically match your HTML. If matched successfully it will notify you about same and after that you will need to click on Add and then just minimize this tool. Similarly, you can add any number of web servers and then this tool will now automatically check status of those servers.

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Now after adding you will need to click on particular sites and then click on check option as shown above to check status of your web sites. You will need to do this thing only once and after that, this tool will function automatically. Green bubble with ok shows that web server is not busy and Red bubble shows that there is some problem. You can have a look at following snapshot to see how it actually reports.

03-09-2010 14-51-23

I am using free version of this tool. If you want to see graphical report of your servers, then you will need to purchase this tool. You can purchase this tool by clicking on Donate at right bottom on screen of this tool. After purchasing you can click on icon as I have highlighted below to see the graphical report.

03-09-2010 14-54-15

You can also configure the settings of this tool according to your usage by clicking on Option which is just next to Graph. When you click on Option you will see a window as follow. So you can fill all required options and configure this tool according to your usage.

03-09-2010 14-58-30

The size of this tool is 65.8 Kb and requires no installation and will automatically pin itself in your system tray. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition. You can download the free version of this tool from the link given below or can purchase it for €15 to use its complete functions.

Download SiteMonitor

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