Get To Know What Kind Of Information Is Sent By Programs Installed On Your Computer

Free Internet Content Logger is small utility which lets you know what kind of information is being sent by programs and software installed on your computer via internet, this small program could be helpful for many system administrators who would like to save all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic on the hard disk in order to measure the security risks.


Internet Content Logger works on the system level, and supports nearly all know Internet related programs. The Internet content for each program is saved in its individual log file. The content log files also are separated by date and by computer users.

Important: Please note that Internet Content Logger is NOT a spyware program. It always stays in the system try menu (near the clock) and is always viewable by everyone who works on the computer.

You can see the log created for each program which connects to internet, you can open the log folder by clicking the button Open Folder on the program interface.


Download Internet Content Logger


  1. says

    Most of us are very concerned of privacy issues these days. I think this will enable us to track which programs communicate with external parties.

    Mostly, I find proprietary applications indulging in this behavior. Open Source applications seldom share info with external servers.

    One should keep a close watch on such applications as Worms and Trojans might open a backdoor. So, it’ll help those who are skeptical over the internet. A good practice to run the software once a month i think.

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