Get Show Desktop On Mac OS X Like Windows With Show Desktop

Since the day I got my new macbook pro, I was trying to make it as similar as it can be like windows. I use a show desktop a lot on my windows vista laptop. This is reason I want to implement show desktop in mac too. After some googling I came to know about this cool application called show desktop for mac which allows you to implement show desktop functionality like windows.

This is how it will look like after you add it to the dock on your mac

LittleSnapper 2

Here is how you can install this simple application on your mac

Show Desktop

You just need to drag and drop Show Desktop Icon as highlighted in the above image to your applications folder on your mac or directly to the dock.

Download Show Desktop For Mac


  1. Kody says

    You know, you really don’t need that extra software, especially for a Mac. What’s even better is that you have a MacBook Pro. If you knew a little something extra about MacBooks in general, you’d know that four fingers, swiping from the bottom of the pad to the top activates Exposé Desktop; the Mac way of “Show Desktop”. What’s even better is that it’s animated, in comparison to the Windows choppy disappearance. If you really need a key command, it’s FN+F11. Or, if the function keys are your default (not the way a Mac is shipped), then it’s just F11. All the same; you don’t need extra software, it’s built into Leopard and Snow Leopard.

    One more point; when you’ve mounted the disk image, and you see the application, the README, and the Donate icons, you stated that you can “just drag it to the dock”. I’m sorry to say it doesn’t work that way; the dock is a listing of shortcuts. They don’t work unless they’re pulling an actual application. Basically, what you stated is like this. You pop in an install CD, and when it loads, you drag the application on it to your dock. Then you eject the CD. You’ll try to open the application, but instead the icon fades with a question mark on it. It’s trying to pull the application from the now nonexistant CD. My point is, if you want an app to launch, no matter whether the disk image is mounted, the CD/DVD is in the drive or not, it’s a Mac rule of thumb; always copy/move (move when possible – you can only copy from a disk image, CD or DVD. You can move the application only when it’s from a ZIP archive, flash drive, external hard drive, or other form of non protected root disk.) the application you’re trying to install to the dedicated “Applications” folder. I hope this all helps; making the switch from a Windows machine to a Mac is not an easy task, so I offer help and advice whenever possible.

    Also, are you familiar with Exposé All Windows? Four fingers, from top to bottom, will show you all your open windows. Making it much easier than going through all your apps in the dock. Best wishes with your Mac.

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