Get Rid Of Useless Spam Mails In Your Inbox Manually

The biggest problem with email is that you keep receiving crappy, useless spam mails in your inbox, some times it get difficult to find the important mails out all mails surrounded by some useless spam mails you keep receiving in your inbox.

Every time you receive mails from some crappy new social networking website with a mail subject saying like I added you as a friend on

10-4-2010 5-17-56 PM

Similarly, you might some other emails from different friends you don’t even know. Just like in the above image of the that email which I received I did know any Vikash Kumar and he might not know me too, even there could be a case that this person don’t even exist and these social network just might get your email Id from some spammers out there and then send this emails using the email database.

The possible solution to get rid of your emails is that you can create a email filter and delete them as per a defined criteria as shown in the image below, you can read more about the solution here 

But this way you may keep receiving these emails to your email id, and these emails keep using the space in your inbox, however you can take another approach to get rid of these emails from the same website, just after the first mail you receive in your inbox.

Most of these spam emails contain a unsubscribe link, clicking on which you can easily stop receiving mails like this. You can easily find the unsubscribe link by pressing Ctrl + F and search for the unsubscribe word as shown in the image below.

10-4-2010 6-00-03 PM

However this procedure seems hectic but it really effective as I have tried it many times.

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