Get Rid of HP Health Check Service from your hp laptop

There are hell lot of services and programs which comes pre-installed and keep on using crucial system resources like RAM and CPU usage on hp laptops.

But I can never allow any useless service to keep on running in the background and using my systems resources, most of the programs which comes pre-installed on your hp laptop slow down the over all speed.

I have been using a hp tx1000 series laptop which has preloaded Vista Home Premium and a amd 64 bit processor, and it is the fastest laptop in the world. :P From today onwards I will keep on posting about how to speed up your hp laptop.


Let’s come to point, one such service on hp laptops is HP Health Check Service

What is HP Health Check Service?

HP Health Check service, comes with HP laptops from factory and is not needed to run the system better.

How to disable this service?

1. Open Start >> Run and type Services.msc and press Enter

2. Scroll Down and Locate HP Health Check Service and right click and select Properties


3. Click Stop button and Select Disabled from the Startup type drop down.

4. Click Ok and close services.

Note: Even after doing all this, you should also check Scheduled Tasks in windows xp and Task Scheduler under administrative tools in vista, and delete any entry there corresponding to  HP Health Check

Stay tuned, we will come up with more tweak to tweak your hp laptops, or if you found any useless service or program in your hp laptop but do not know how to remove it, let us know.


  1. says

    Health check was done one time on my HP laptop when I had kept on for downloading. Good way to stop it, but I dont think it runs frequently.

  2. Jack says

    I made a recovery DVD disk for my HP tx1000, by using the recovery disk manager. I lost those DVDs, when I tried to make two more recovery DVDs it won’t let me, it tells me that only one set is allowed. How can I solve this problem?

  3. Lady Fu says

    Thanks for this… HP health check has always been annoying, but in the past month or so it had added a new trick: BSOD production every damn time it tried to run. So very glad to have this crap turned off.

  4. dan says

    Did this myself without checking this site. But just had HPHC run on my machine now.

    Bloody HP and their bloatware. What *is* causing this to run?!

  5. neil Severance says

    Dear Folks,
    I just received an HP health check offer. I was a little suspicious because it says my computer health is POOR – But everything seemed to be ok except they wanted to uninstall one botton and install a new program. Is there any history on this ?????

    It looks very offical but doesn’t seem to have everything connected and responding as a web page.

  6. abhishek says

    @jet – If you remove it from Scheduled task it will be gone permanently, thanks for telling abt this one more place where this process hides itself :)

  7. Jet says

    so i disabled hp health check through the process described above, but the thing STILL runs as scheduled. any way that i can absolutely get rid of this program?

  8. eric says

    I did all of this and it still pops up on my machine every couple of days. There is no scheduled task either. Now what?

  9. Jim says

    horrible little prog kept freezing up my laptop.I thought I uninstalled it a week ago but today it reared its’ ugly little head again.I have windows vista.Hopefully I’ve just sorted the problem.Click ‘start’ ,scroll down to HP folder,click and then click on ‘hp health check’ then click ‘run as administrator’.Click on settings on simply disable the automatic scan (which is of course recommended).Fingers crossed this should do the job

  10. Ivan says

    hey guys, I hope someone can help me with this…

    I have a tx1429 for about year and a half now and the GPU keeps overheating (82 oC)and the notebook keeps switching off… I’ve added the cooling paste but it still doesn’t work…

    Is there a way to stop this?


  11. Beaver says

    heh. I’ve had my HP for about two years now and haven’t disabled Healthcheck yet.
    It just popped up and wanted me to install a few “critical” updates.
    The most impressive was for HP Quickplay. It says the update is only 186,308,040KB. .. Just so I know I can still do math, 186,000,000KB is equal to 186Gigabytes, right?

    Health Check is going to get removed right now.

  12. Drak says


    Yeah, Health Check displays in Bytes, not Kilobytes. It’s very wrong that way.

    I’m not sure that I find the resources it uses to be that major. I use my laptop as a gaming rig and I still manage to get 45-65 FPS with very few, if anything, turned off. I’m even still running Firefox in the background so I can research quests, game features and stuff while I’m playing. Not to mention chat programs. This really doesn’t seem to be major bloatware to me. And occasionally it has a good suggestion. I just don’t bother downloading everything unless it seems to be useful or I have the time.

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