Get Rid Of Ads In Yahoo Messenger 10 With Y!AddsBlocker

Ads are most annoying things when it comes to using yahoo messenger as yahoo messenger insider pops up every time whenever you start yahoo messenger, however you can disable it from yahoo messenger preferences, But still the ads in yahoo messenger never go out of vision which are really very annoying.

We had already talked about how to remove ads from yahoo messenger 9 and lower. Today we will tell you about another tool which lets you remove the ads from yahoo messenger 10 which is the latest version right now.

This small utility is named Y!AddsBlocker, is a portable application so it does not require any installation and does what it say. It removes ads from yahoo messenger very quickly and easily just in a single mouse click. When you run this utility it will show you a picture of what happens when you start yahoo messenger which has ads [ as shown in the image below ]

You will need to click the text What’s the solution ?


It will take you to the next screen where you will see a naughty cool big icon button in the center which you need to click again to disable adds and yahoo insider in yahoo messenger 10


Once you click it, it will prompt you with the success message which says now you can enjoy yahoo messenger 10 without ads.


this tool may work for older versions of yahoo messenger also we have tested it in yahoo messenger 10, below you can see the snapshot of yahoo messenger 10 running without ads after using this tool :)


Download Yahoo Messenger Y!AddsBlocker


  1. Brittney Cavallari says

    Before the other day, I had always used Yahoo version 8.1. But I decided to try out version 10 to see if it was any good. Well, like I had thought, it wasn’t. But before I had gotten rid of it, I ran Y!AddsBlocker which I downloaded from here. It removed them, but I noticed the chats and etc were not working. Because of that, and the lack of appeal I had for the new Yahoo, I went ahead and uninstalled it and re-installed Yahoo 8.1. When I did that, I noticed the chats and games and plug-ins STILL weren’t working. After numerous attempts of uninstalling Yahoo, and even deleting the registry strings, I cannot get the chats or games or plug-ins to load. I even tried re-installing Java because I thought it might have something to do with that. So, can anyone help me out here? Thanks.

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