Get Ready To Feel Something Flat and Touchy By Microsoft

Microsoft has puzzled many of the users and readers who want to be updated with their latest info. It was seen that the Microsoft account named as @msfthardware tweeted some of the pair of images of a product. Readers got excited as they saw that new product by Microsoft which was looking very nice.

Till now they have to published anything regarding this product but a small hint was given in the caption which was written as “Don’t be so touchy.. Flat is where its at”. Now the only estimation which can be made regarding it is that, they have launched a product in order to give fight to the recently launched product by Apple i.e. Magic Trackpad.


The first image that has been mentioned was released earlier and the other one mentioned below was released after 6 days of the previous one, as if they tried to tease us by maintaining the suspense of their product and then releasing the image slowly and slowly. As mentioned above about the competition with the new product Magic Trackpad, it is believed by the other experts that Microsoft might be launching multi-touch trackpad.


When they combined that image and tried to guess about the product then it seemed that it will be a very sneak product, which will rectangular in shape. But still it appears to be mystery product as by the first appearance it seems that it can be any product like, a remote control, a Smartphone, a music player or any thing else. Lets wait for them and the right time when they ending this suspense by releasing that product. But seriously that product will cause some sensation in the market by its appearance and style.

It will great be great you can guess about the product. As per my opinion i will say that it will be a Smartphone. What about you??

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