Get Notified When Shared Folder Files Deleted, Created or Changed

Ever since organizations and workplaces started adopting the facility of networking through LAN and WAN, security has been the primary concern. Once a network has been set up, the ease with which file transfers and other activities take place makes it quite addictive for almost every user.

Through networking file sharing becomes as simple as learning ABC but all anti-virus users like us are very much familiar with the word Threat. Although sharing files becomes effortless through networking, the risk of users accessing your computer without your permission is more.

Sometimes it is necessary for a network to share all its data with full control over making any changes on one’s machine without posing any restrictions to users and it could cannot be avoided as well. But what if we could keep an eye on who is accessing your machine and at what time and for how long the session lasts?


If you are one of the sufferers then we definitely have a solution for you. ShareMonitor is a 500KB tool which would let anybody monitor the activities taking place on one’s machine. One can even set the number of milliseconds after which the program will check for any activities taking place.

Another program called as ShareWatcher is also available which performs the same task and all such monitoring programs are very useful for people who carry their work without sharing.

ShareMonitor Window

For your convenience the above image explains you about the program’s working and the details it will display when your computer is being accessed. The application also provides you a feature where one can save the logged details as .CSV or .XML files for further analysis.


The works perfectly fine on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download ShareMonitor

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