Get Notified Of New Videos Uploaded In Youtube Video Channel Feed

YouTube is a famous and popular site among the people for sharing and viewing videos. Many of the users are so addicted to YouTube that they want to keep themselves updated about any new content available on their favorite subscriptions or about their friends activities on their account of YouTube. Just like many desktop applications are available for notifying us on social networking sites, i wished something like that for my YouTube account.

And, luckily, i found out this extension of chrome called YouTube Feed which notifies the user of new videos in the YouTube Homepage Feed. When you will install it, it will ask you the access to the data on your, and your browsing history. You just have to click ‘install’.


It will only create problem when run in incognito window because Google chrome will not be able to prevent this extension to save the browsing history in incognito window. So, take care of it.

It will be installed in just a few seconds with this icon in the browser toolbar.


At first, you just have to log-in to your YouTube account and then, this extension notifies you whenever new videos are available in your YouTube Homepage Feed. These are videos that your friends uploaded, favorited, liked, commented on, etc. Also, you will also get the notification whenever any new content is available on your subscriptions just like this on the icon. You just have to click on the icon to read the notification and have a short look at the new content.


If you like the content, you can visit the site directly clicking on the link which will take you to your YouTube Homepage account. If you do not want further notification, just click ‘logout’.

There are few settings of the extension which you can change by using the option ‘options’ which will open a new tab. Here you can set the polling interval and number of feeds to retrieve accordingly. After setting, do not forget to click ‘save’ otherwise, it will not be applied.


Download YouTube Feed

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