Get low battery alert with Laptop battery monitoring for vista and xp

Lot’s of people always complain when their laptop battery goes down when they are in the middle of something very important, this happens as they either ignore the low battery popup or may be does not see it appearing.

In order to solve this problem we have already written a basic windows procedure on How to get alarmed when your laptop battery reaches critical low battery level on vista.

Today, we have come up with free utility called Battery Monitoring – For Laptop which will alert you with a loud notification sound when your laptop reaches a critical low level.


Let’s see how use Battery Monitoring – For Laptop to get a loud alarm before your battery dies.

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You just need to download the file and extract it anywhere on your hard disk. This small program does not need any installation, so extract the contents of the zip file, double click BatteryMonitoring.exe to run it.


It will load into your system tray and start functioning, we would recommend to place this Battery Monitoring executable in your windows startup so that it automatically starts running when you start your laptop.

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It has two types of audible warning sounds one for low battery notification and another one for critical battery level notification, you will find both the wav files in the extracted folder, if you want to customize or change the sounds replace these files with some another wav files with the same name.

Battery Monitoring – For Laptop not only alerts if battery is low, also shows the battery status of remaining power of battery.

Download Battery Monitoring ( Link Fixed )


  1. says

    Btw does this tool show how much of our battery life is left and used out?
    I am not talking about the charge but the life of the battery.

  2. Captain Infinity says

    How do I get this to load into my system tray at startup, rather than a window on top of my desktop?

  3. sodala says

    Yeah, very nice and small program – too bad it doesn’t work with my Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Si1520.

    1. I can’t specify the critical or low battery level
    2. there is no sound even if the battery is at 5 percent

    I thought that after years of searching I have found a tool that is able to alert me of my dying battery – but I have to search on.

    If ANYONE on this planet knows a working battery meter THAT GIVES A FRAKING SOUND ALERT for Vista – mail me and you’ll get the Nobel Price in the category “Fraking Annoying Problems” from me.


  4. pat says

    No battery alarm and no pop up on brand new Dell Windows Vista.

    This battery monitoring icon does not sound on my system either. The icon is a little too large, and cannot be tweaked easily. So I’m still stuck with the problem, and can’t find an awful lot of help on internet.

  5. Kalyan says

    Yahoo widgets has a tool called “Battery Monitor”. Its perfect, and beeps when system is on low batt, and even can be set to blink the battery icon in red, and give continuous beeps to to alert user!

  6. sun says

    if u know little bit of Visual Basic coding, u can create the application yourself. just google for the vb code to check battery status, and then to play a wav file… thats it.. u can make ur own good application !!!

  7. gonwk says

    Has anybody been able to dwonload the darn program!
    I can NOT find the darn download … it only takes me to all other sites … sounds like this site is being used as for the Directing Traffic to other sites! :(

  8. Markus says

    Found a simple battery alarm so that my Toshiba evetually gives me a warning: There is a config file that can be customised and once you make sure this program starts up with Vista it works great.

  9. says

    As an alternative, you may want to look at BatteryBar. It’s a Windows toolbar that provides a lot more features, include low battery alerts. There is a Free and Pro version.

  10. steve says

    I’ve released a new version incase you want to check it out.


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