Get iPhone Style Slide To Unlock Lock Screen On Android Phone

iPhone is no doubt the best smart phone in the market, since the time we started using smartphones,  we have seen lot of new phones in market, which just tried to copy the layout and design of iphone this include lot of android phones too.

However android is another great smartphone OS after iphone iOS, but still there is lot of things which needs to be improved in android phones like better battery life and OS needs to be same more stable across all the phones.

Let’s come to the point, that is if you are android phone user, you want the lock screen to be like iphone which allows you to slide to unlock type thing on the lock screen, you can install the software from android market called Simple Lockscreen as shown in the image below.


Once you install this software on your android phone, you will get a iphone style slide screen bar to unlock with much more other features like you will be able to see missed calls, unread messages and play music player directly from lock screen without unlocking the phone as you can see with some screenshot of this app shown below.

screen (1)screen


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