Get iPhone, iPad & Other Products Shipped From USA To India

There are several equipments which are not available in our country, but they are present in some of the developed counties like US, UK and many more. But any product which has been released in at any part of the world, will be present in US also. So, many of us do not know about the ways through which can buy any product from US and get that thing delivered to India. This post will help all the readers to know about the possible ways to get product shipped from US.

All the methods are mentioned as follows:

  • The most basic and the cheapest way of getting any product from US is to ask any one of your relative or any person, whom you can make to bring your product from US. You can buy that product online form that website and then get it shipped to your friends address and when he is coming back he can take that product for you. If he brings your product by himself then you will not be charged by custom duty on you product. So this is one of the cheapest way to get any product shipped.
  • You can also get that product shipped to your address by your friend, but then product will have to go through custom duty check and thus it may be charged with custom duty, which will make you product very expensive.
  • Now, if you do not know anyone from US, then also you can get you product shipped with the help of some of the websites like vPost, comGateway, shipito and few more. You can buy your product online and then you can get your product delivered to the address provided by these websites. After they get your product they will send it to the address provided by you.

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  • Worst case can happen when you are not even able to buy your product, as some of the websites do not accept your international credit cards, but then you can go for buying any product through the websites like Shipto and comGateway as they provide features like ‘assisted purchase’ and ‘Buy for me’ respectively, where you can get your product bought by these websites. They will buy it in any amount but they will charge extra money for it and then they will ship it to you at your address.

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All the above mentioned solution to your problem are aligned in ascending order of the amount spend while buying a product from US. We hope the above guide will help you :)

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