Get Free Windows 7 Service Pack 1 CD Shipped To Your House

We all prefer that our system must work according to the latest updates available. To perform the required function, operating system plays a major role. Windows 7 provides us a range of facilities which are helpful for the user. But alongwith that the factors like reliability and performance matters a lot. And you can avail the facility with the help of service pack supplied by Windows 7. The upcoming Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 will update your system with the latest release to provide your the better service. The Service pack will be ordered free of cost.

Proceeding with the first step let us see the Service Pack 1 Physical Media Ordering. Go to the webpage to place the free order with the help of the link given at the end. You will get the page as shown in the snapshot below. There are few mandatory details which are to be filled. These details are specify your ordering criteria. you have to mention the the country where you want to place the order. It can be either Canada or United States. According to the country selected by you the currency will be automatically changed. Click on Continue after filling the specifications.

Validation Page - Google Chrome_2011-04-19_14-37-58

After that the product information will be provided to you. The format is shown in the snapshot below. The pricing here shown are based on the Canadian Dollar as per the country selected on the previous page. Now the second step is to check the past description and their further details. So, now you have to select the ordering cart according the specific language. Mention the number of DVDs required in the cart. After filling the required details click on Add To Cart. After the changes the checkout button on the top will be highlighted and you have to click on it. You can also Continue Shopping for ordering the other products.

Product Detail Page - Google Chrome_2011-04-19_14-40-00

The final step is to enter the address where you need the shipment. You have to specify the complete contact details with your email id and phone number. This is it and you will receive the free DVD for the updation. Though you will have to pay the shipping charges of $6 per delivery. This may vary according to the place and time. So, you can place a combine order so that the shipping charges can be divided and are minimised. You can also download and install Windows 7 SP1 from the link available on the physical ordering webpage.

Order Service Pack 1


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    the link is not working … getting this error “In order to use this site, you must have Cookies Enabled on your browser.” even though i have enabled all the cookies in the browser.

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