Get File Size Before Downloading | Firefox Addon To Know File Size Before Download | Internet Explorer Addon To Get File Size Before Download

Many of my friends ask me this simple question that how can they get to know the file size when they download a file of unknown size from any where on the internet. As most of the people use the majorly two browsers which are Internet Explorer so today I am going to tell you how to know a file size before downloading them in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.


For Firefox – Get File Size For Firefox is a free addon for firefox which will prompt you the file size and the downloading URL from where you are getting this file.


This addon will add a context menu entry in firefox you can select after right clicking the download link to the file you want to know the size.

For Internet Explorer – Another free addon called GetFileSize For Internet Explorer  which is meant for Internet Explorer does the same purpose, moreover it shows you the estimated download time and the date when the file was modified it will even tell you the size in bytes, kb and mb.



  1. azrin says

    Hi mr.abhis,

    my name is azrin. Thanks for the information you reveal in your website. as google chrome user, i would like to know the method of trace the file size before download it.

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