Get Faster Resume To Hibernate or Standby In Windows With Boot Snooze

Standby and Hibernate are two most useful features but if you use these windows features you might end up not restarting your computer which is not good for your windows, without restart the useless data does not get cleared, cache is not cleared, windows updates not getting applied. So it is better to restart your computer but restart is not fun as it takes much more time for a PC to come in working state after loading all programs in startup.

Here is a free program called Boot Snooze which allows you to hibernate or standby by automatically restarting your computer and then entering the stand by or hibernate state.


As shown in the image above you can set the time delay before or after reboot, with this application you can resume to your computer with working state, but still you will lose all the opened programs if you use this program, how ever your computer will hibernate automatically and resume faster.

Download Boot Snooze

[ Source – DownloadSquad ]

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