Get Email, Sms Reminders On Friends Birthdays From Facebook

We have so many friends in our friend in friend list and sometimes we miss some of the birthdays in our friend list and it might be a problem which would have happened with you many times. Now one of the ways is to save the birthday of all our friend as a reminder in our cellphone but then if you have got a huge list like 200 to 300 friends then saving their birthdays as the reminder may lots and lots of time. So here I am with a very good solution to this problem and guess what?? Facebook will itself help to solve this problem.


We have an application on Facebook which can help you to remember all the birthdays of your friends and for that you will not have to register yourself. We have mentioned the link at the end of the post, you just have to go the website and then select the ‘Subscribe to our Facebook App’ as mentioned in the snapshot above. Now after you click this link as usual like other applications you will have to allow this application to use some of the personal information and then next day midnight you will receive an SMS displaying the list of all the friends which have their birthday that day.

So, this way you will not have to save any reminder in your mobile as that application will send you the message every day regarding the birthdays of anyone in your Facebook friend list. But now what about those friends who are not available in the Facebook friend list, you will just have to send an SMS to +918239797978 with format as ‘ADD DD/MM Friend_Name’ like ‘ADD 20/11 RAVI’, after sending this SMS, that web site application will add this friend birthday on behalf of your number and you will also receive the SMS for his or her birthday also.

You can go on using this Facebook application or the SMS service and let us know if there is any flaw. Let me tell you that this application or SMS service will never ask you to register for any account or to even enter your e-mail details. This is quite simple to use.

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