Get Complete Hardware Parts Information Fitted In A Computer

If you want to know every bit of information related to the hardware on your system then this post will really help you a lot. Today we will be reviewing a tool which is known as HWM Blackbox and it will tell you almost everything related to the information of the hardware of your system. When I installed on my system then, I came across many fields which were unknown to me and many such information which is very difficult to extract from the system.

This tool has many tabs under which it has divided the info of your hardware. I will be introducing you to every tab one by one. So, lets start from here.

  • The first tab is of Processor, where it will show you the manufacturer and the name of that processor and then it will also tell you the amount of work which is being done by it currently. The snapshot of this tab has been shown below. Other fields include the temperature of the processor, CPU usage, Current Speed, Standard Speed many more which are visible from the screen.


  • Next tab is Memory which does not deals with the hardisk of your system rather it will tell you about the RAM usage and the RAM capacity of your system. It will show you the make of the RAM which has been fitted into your system. There are many other feature present under this tab like the day of manufacturing of this RAM, the frequency of these RAMs, whether they are DDR2 or DDR3 ?


  • Next tab is of Graphics, where in you can see the make of the Graphics Card and then the amount of memory being shared by it. All the other can be seen in the snapshot shown below.


  • Next tab is of System, which will tell you about the brand name of your system, the optical drive present in your system, it will also tell you about the MAC addresses of all the network Adapters available on your system. Here you will also get the information about the type of Hardisk, its capacity its make and its Model No.


  • Benchmark is the tab where you can check all your Hardware by making them run through a test.


The size of this tool is around 1.5 Mb and the best part is that it is portable. This freeware is compatible with al the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download HWM Blackbox

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