Get Auto Complete URL In Firefox Address Bar As You Type – Just Like Google Chrome Address Bar

One of the most amazing feature of google chrome which I like is its auto complete the URL of the site you had typed or accessed before as per the history maintained. But in case of firefox it does not happen like this rather here, if you are typing a URL which you had typed before then it will suggest you with some results out of which you can select by pressing the down arrow key and then press enter to open the selected URL (as shown in the image below)


If you want your firefox to behave like google chrome address bar, so that it auto completes the URL as you type than just suggesting (as shown in the image below)


Follow the procedure given below, to apply the same auto complete settings in firefox address bar

1. Open Firefox and type about:config in the address bar and press enter

2. Now click the button which says I’ll be careful, I promise


3. In the filter box type browser.urlbar.autoFill and double click the value to change it to true


4. That’s it! Done – Now your firefox address bar will have auto complete of the URL as you type just like google chrome address bar. 


  1. says

    Hi Abhishek, I have noticed that wihout any config change, I can still get auto complete URL in my firefox address bar. Any peculiar reason ?

  2. faran says

    hi. there i ve been searching for this for a long long time… but unable to find this.
    mine is not working. i used Chrome for this…. cause it makes this easy…
    please launch any plugin…

  3. Ankit says

    I much rather prefer Firefox’s autocomplete. I don’t even have to type the URL but just a few keywords of the page title, like “FIFA world” and I can see FIFA world cup site with the site logo that makes identificatoin of the page I need very easy. Is there some thing like that in chrome?

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