Get Alerts When Others Remove You From Their Circles On Google+ [Google Chrome]

Google+ has been growing rapidly since its launched and with time it is becoming a favorite social networking tool, it may look like facebook but it has many things unique of its own which are enough to keep it interesting and make people bind to it, it is right now under field trail of limited set of people using it who can invite more people to join in, but its not yet open to public.

Google+ has a basic principle of adding people in circles if you add some one in your circles it means that you are following that person, the person you added will get to know about that, but its not the same way as that person can add you or not add you in their circles. If you add some one that means you are following their updates they post on google+ you will see their updates in your google+ stream on the home page.

For instance, there are many people who have added me on google+ since time I joined it. Now as adding some one to circles in like following them like twitter, you can get alerts when some one removes you from their circles and stops following your updates on google+.

google minus

In case you are looking for some thing similar like this but for twitter, you can read about it here. In order to track those users on google+ who any time remove or delete you from your circles you will get the notification with in the google chrome browser as shown in the image below.

google  unfollow notification

You will need to install the google chrome extension named Google Minus that will notify you each time someone removes you from their Circles on Google+. More enhancements are on the way, as said by the developer.

Install Google Minus Extension in google chrome from here 

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