Get A Report Of Inaccessible Links On A Website With Linkrot

Linkrot is a small free to use to tool that scans a site for inaccessible links which give out the following http errors 404, 500, etc and saves a log with bad links a excel based file, other than this file all links are written to Links.txt, Bad links are written to Error.txt.


It’s a Windows based console application developed in C# (.NET 2.0 stack). Simple, single thread crawling for dead links, broken links, dangling links.

How To Install

As it is a windows based console application, here is a post which tells you How To Install and Run Console Application On Windows

How To Use

  Use:             linkrot.exe <url>
  Example:         linkrot.exe
  Example:         linkrot.exe >> logfile.txt

  Error level -1:  Parameter fault, given url is not accessible.
  Error level  0:  All went well, no bad links found.
  Error level  1:  Bad links found, see error log for details.

Download Linkrot

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