Generate Google+ Custom Profile URL With

Until google rolls out google+ vanity or custom URL option to users, there is way out which lets you create a custom profile URL on google+ for your profile. By default google+ profile URL looks like but you can now customize using a third party webservices called which will ask you for a custom name and your profile id which is unique for you as you can see on the url above, the unique id is 106176382343760155753

Now in order to create a custom URL for your profile, copy the id in the id text box on as shown in the image below.


Once you have specified your name and google+ profile id, click add button and then you will get a simple google profile URL which redirects you to your google+ public profile page.


Another web service has also launched which allows you to create the google+ profile url the same way, and now you can have numbers as well in the google+ profile url you create with it.

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