Make Videos And Take Pictures Using In Built Webcam With Effects

We like to take the pictures with our webcam. But it seems to be very boring to take pictures with no additional features. Or the other way is use picasa or some other software. But it will only make changes in the pictures and any additional feature.  If you like the funky stuff or some additional accessories, you have to search a lot. Sometimes you may end up with paying for the just adding few features to your pictures. So, today I would like to review a freeware known as ManyCam to resolve the matter that to completely free of cost.

ManyCam is a small freeware of 14.4 MB. You can add all the funky features like masks, funny eyeglasses and many more. You can have wonderful backgrounds, effects or drawings etc. Also, various sources can be used to add to your pictures or videos. The user interface has been displayed in the snapshot below.


You might feel that every next software just blabber about the features but when you download them, you find nothing. So, lets see what are the additional features actually presented  by the tool. Firstly, I would like to discuss about the effects:

  • Objects: The further subheadings and the features are as: Avatars for the animal faces, flags of various countries, fun with funky small pictures, holidays with Christmas pictures and others.
  • Backgrounds: There are two types of backgrounds: Dynamic and Static.
  • Effects: It can be the colors as are present in your cell phones or digicams like Ghost, Sepia etc.; Dynamic for fire, snow; Lens for few funny effects and lines for different types of boundaries our the person.
  • Face Accessories: It consists of 3D Masks, various eyebrows, eyeglasses as are in cartoons, faces like clowns etc, hair styles (especially for girls) and the beautiful hats.
  • Text Over Video: You can enter the text that be added over the picture. Also, you can set the transparency level and the colors.
  • Date & Time: There are various formats, fonts and colors in which you can add the time and date.
  • Drawing Over Video: You can draw with the pen or brush.Then lets see the different sources available. You can use the webcam with your system or the google camera adaptor. You can add the movies, still images, snapshot images, desktop. Also, there can be blank image and the playlist. On the right hand side, there are grayscales for change the color effects. You can chnage the pixel size. Apart form all these if you want to search for any of the additional feature, there link to the website is link alongwith every option. So that, you can easily do that also.The freeware has been tested on Windows 7, and it is also compatible with XP and Vista. The freeware is also designed for Mac OSX 10.5 or greater.Download ManyCam

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