Full Screen Image Viewer For Firefox and Internet Explorer

Full Screen Image viewer is a FREE program which integrates itself to firefox and internet explorer context menu’s i.e right click menu in firefox and internet explorer.

After installing full screen image viewer you can view any image in full screen mode just by right clicking on the image and select the image view mode.


The various options for viewing the image are following:

  • View Full Screen – Best Fit
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Bottom Right
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Equal
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Top Left
  • View Full Screen – Stretch Fit

In order to view the image in full screen you can follow the three easy steps given below.

  1. Right click any image in internet explorer or firefox while surfing.
  2. Select any of the available screen options
  3. After viewing the image in full screen now, you can click on the image in full screen to return to the browser.

So, we recommend you to download full screen image viewer to enhance the image viewing experience while surfing.

Download Full Screen Image Viewer

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