Full Screen Calendar For Windows Desktop

Those who do not use Microsoft Outlook or they find it little complex to use can for using a tool named as Desktopcal, which can help you schedule some of the task on a calendar, which will always stick to your desktop. Microsoft Outlook calendar is generally used by those professionals who want to exploit all the features of a good calendar, but for the beginners who just want to write about a reminder on a calendar, the above mentioned tool is quite good.


You can see the screenshot of this tool right here. After you install this calendar, you will see an icon at the taskbar tray, which can be used to access the controls over the display of the calendar. Apart from that icon, you will see a blue colored toolbar at the top of the screen, which will always remain at the top of all the windows, now that toolbar has a button named as per the name of the application which will minimize all the windows and will show the desktop as it gets pressed.


When you will browse the context menu of the taskbar icon, then you will see an option named administrative tool, which can be useful for the placement of the calendar on your desktop, with the help of this tool you can change the way in which the calendar will display the dates in it, you can set the number of rows which will be occupied by the tool, you can also change the color of the cell of each date and with the advanced option you can make this tool to start automatically with the system startup.

It might be annoying as it always coincides with the address bar on your internet browser, so you can drag it anywhere you are comfortable with or else with the help of the context menu options of the taskbar icon you can remove this floating toolbar. Once you reach the desktop, you will see that the calendar is stick to the desktop and it has got transparent effect which will make you wallpaper visible through the calendar. If you want to add any text in any of the dates then you will just have to double click that space of the date and then text box will appear, write the required content and then click anywhere outside the box that content will be saved in the date box.

The size of this tool is around 2 MB and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, if you face any issue while using it, then please let us know.

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