Free Windows High Resolution, Widescreen Wallpaper Downloader

Wallpapers in the computer system has always been a source of excitement and fantasy among the users, especially among the kids and youth. Many users are very much fond of having the complete collection of wallpapers stored in their system. But, no one among them likes to change the wallpapers of their system manually. For this purpose, there are many utilities which are available over the internet which can prove helpful and can do this job for the user automatically. Although, nowadays with the usage of windows 7 it has become a lot easier as Windows 7 Desktop Personalization feature allows the user to select a large number of wallpapers and automatically apply and rotate them after a fixed interval of time. This definitely gives a new and refreshing look to the desktop as it keep changing these wallpapers frequently, but what if the user wants to carry on only with one type of wallpapers, like, only with landscapes, rain or technology and then to apply them automatically?

For this we recommend you a small and useful tool which serves the purpose of automatically changing the wallpapers. Pulse is basically an open source, small and portable application which allows the user to automatically download and apply wallpapers according to specified keyword. Firstly it allows the user to download the wallpapers in one of the best suited resolution so that they can properly fit in on the computer’s screen.


In order to make use of this small and useful utility, simply download it from the link provided below and then just run the executable file provided after downloading it. You may observe that it sits in the system tray. Now, to make it active and to use it simply right-click on the system tray icon for this tool and the select Options. Then, it will ask you to enter the keyword for the wallpapers type that you want to be searched online. One more section named as Behaviour section, enable the user with Download pictures automatically option which is then followed by the wallpaper update time interval after which the wallpaper will be updated automatically.

Below this, one may also enable the option of skipping the pictures that are there with lower resolution in order to get only the high quality wallpapers which support the monitor dimensions. Once all the settings are configured, then finally click OK so that all the changes can be applied. After this, it will automatically start changing wallpapers after defined amount of time which has been set by the user. When you want to download other type of wallpapers, bring up Options again and change the keyword again in order to download another set of wallpaper.

Pulse works fine on Windows Vista and Windows 7 only and for proper functioning it requires a minimum of .Net Framework 3.5 installed in the system. So, you may download it from the below given link and can try it out.

Download Pulse

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