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February 20, 200959 Comments

Windows 7 is looks much better than both windows xp and windows vista, so almost every user of windows wants to get rid of the boring looks of windows xp and vista.

Today, we will tell you about two free transformation pack developed recently which can transform windows xp or windows vista. These tarsformation packs has been designed by niwradsoft.

XP To Windows 7 Transformation Pack ( Via NirmalTV )

Seven Remix XP is another free transformation pack which lets you change the look and feel of your windows xp into windows 7



This transformation pack is made to work on Windows XP (Home, Professional, RTM, SP1, SP2, SP3, Corporate) , Windows Media Center (Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, Web, RTM, SP1), Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

Note: This transformation pack does not work on 64 bit versions of windows xp.

Download Seven Remix XP To Windows 7 Transformation Pack

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  1. Thom says:

    Does the remix pack for Vista and for XP display the web address of the people who made it? Like, would I have to see that forever? If so, then I don’t think changing from boring to advertising is so great. If not, let us know and I for one will try it.

  2. rhaya says:

    susah banget seh mau donlodnya…. ajarin duooonk

  3. Asif says:


  4. venugopal says:

    Hai, the 7 transformation pack is excellent

  5. mano says:

    it is original pack

  6. tuadm says:

    no its not the original pack

  7. mOnStA_B says:

    autobots— transform XP to W7… kuek.. kuek.. kuek.. kuek.. kuek…!!! [thanx dude]

  8. Dhiren Debbarma says:

    sir i want to download free transformation pack

  9. harish says:

    this is very good

  10. rakesh says:

    thank you for this services.good night

  11. wasabi says:

    OOO man,,,,, how i can download this transformation pack?? i not know!!! can someone help meeee!!!!!

  12. Sbusiso"gagashe" says:

    It’s perfom very good on my computer

  13. vignesh says:

    nathing is beater in windows xp becuse of all virus theam

  14. vignesh says:

    bery ole

  15. hi says:

    hi for msi notebok ise ok??????

  16. leona lewis says:


  17. I am Unknown??? says:

    this is pretty sick and i like it alot

  18. ashok says:

    hello i have this one bt i cannot access this

  19. hari says:

    its best than vista

  20. zey says:

    how to get it..? i’m realy want it

  21. Zulfiker Ali Titu says:

    require, free Vista To Windows 7 Transformation Pack Download

  22. toshiba says:

    If I download this windows 7 will my windows xp files and docoment and all my stuff will remain or thy will be deleted????????????????/ help

  23. jake says:

    seriously… its got a download link str8 after the text explaining it

  24. Anmol says:

    Yeah this transformation pack is best than any

  25. dan says:

    goood dud

  26. Avadoot says:

    vista is worst,the best is win7

  27. raju says:

    it’s soooooo coooool

  28. Sachithanandh says:

    how to Free XP To Windows 7 Transformation Pack Download ?

  29. apis says:

    so good! fantastic!!

  30. taylor says:

    thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Unknown says:

    Thom, the answer to ur question is no.

  32. Nasir Ali says:

    it’s soooooooooooooooo lovlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  33. chris says:

    is xp still there

  34. Paagal Guy says:

    hey guys it is downloading right now on my pc but i wanted to ask wether it is virus free or not

  35. gettuar says:

    yes is very beautifule, very good theme

  36. Dejanos321 says:

    This is a very good transforamtion pack and possoble for windows 7…..

  37. abishek says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm hope its nice. i am downloading it with my dial up . hehehe

  38. yasar says:

    how can i download????

  39. satvinder says:

    it is a very nice theme

  40. Harshit says:

    good job dude its awasome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. saravanan says:

    it is very very very very very very nice

  42. hekato says:

    its quite awesome!!!! im ready to install on my pc!!!!!!!!

  43. Greay32 says:

    very usefull thank you soo much for this transformation pack…more power

  44. sifat raj says:

    thanks you

  45. Riya Dalal says:

    superb dear

  46. chetan deshmukh says:

    thank you

  47. Sahil afzal says:

    Best hai yaar

  48. T.V.Swamy says:

    It is very exiting`

  49. khurram says:


  50. Devi Singh Rajput says:

    Dear window XP team, I want to download window XP 7 version so give me good suggestion for this.

  51. navpreet says:

    can its work

  52. swapnil says:

    mai windoes7 kaise download karo?how is it

  53. Pickmore says:

    yes it is but it uses a lot of ram and prossesor to take advantage of this you need to run sbout 3G of prossessing speed and about 2G or ram any thing less might cause your pc to run a bit slow

  54. mohit says:

    nothing will be deleted……….

  55. Awais Ahmed Ghanghro says:

    Windows 7 is very very very very very very very very worst

  56. Gloi┬┤n the Dwarf of Moria says:

    My extracting program says “bad zip header found. continue anyway?” How can I solve this problem? Plz i really want his thing to work!!!

  57. Laxman Redkar says:

    TRANSFORMATION FOR WINDOWS 7 is very nice this is realy like Windows 7 Thanks……..

  58. WTF? says:

    cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! sry if this is irritating :P

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