Free XP To Windows 7 Transformation Pack Download

Windows 7 is looks much better than both windows xp and windows vista, so almost every user of windows wants to get rid of the boring looks of windows xp and vista.

Today, we will tell you about two free transformation pack developed recently which can transform windows xp or windows vista. These tarsformation packs has been designed by niwradsoft.

XP To Windows 7 Transformation Pack ( Via NirmalTV )

Seven Remix XP is another free transformation pack which lets you change the look and feel of your windows xp into windows 7


This transformation pack is made to work on Windows XP (Home, Professional, RTM, SP1, SP2, SP3, Corporate) , Windows Media Center (Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, Web, RTM, SP1), Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

Note: This transformation pack does not work on 64 bit versions of windows xp.

Download Seven Remix XP To Windows 7 Transformation Pack


  1. Thom says

    Does the remix pack for Vista and for XP display the web address of the people who made it? Like, would I have to see that forever? If so, then I don’t think changing from boring to advertising is so great. If not, let us know and I for one will try it.

  2. toshiba says

    If I download this windows 7 will my windows xp files and docoment and all my stuff will remain or thy will be deleted????????????????/

  3. Paagal Guy says

    hey guys
    it is downloading right now on my pc but i wanted to ask wether it is virus free or not

  4. Devi Singh Rajput says

    Dear window XP team,
    I want to download window XP 7 version so give me good suggestion for this.

  5. Pickmore says

    yes it is but it uses a lot of ram and prossesor to take advantage of this you need to run sbout 3G of prossessing speed and about 2G or ram

    any thing less might cause your pc to run a bit slow

  6. Gloi┬┤n the Dwarf of Moria says

    My extracting program says “bad zip header found. continue anyway?” How can I solve this problem? Plz i really want his thing to work!!!

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