Free Task, To Do’s Reminder App For Windows

Please don’t mind, but i dedicate this review to all the computer geeks, who put their heads 24×7 into their system. When you don’t have time to remember the birthdays of your close ones or when you forget to pay your internet bill or when you forget to take your medicines, then you make yourself fall into some serious trouble. Today, i have a tool which will remind you about anything which you want to get reminded and this fabulous tool is known as ‘RMP3’ which stands for Remind Me Please.

This tool has been produced to create reminders for any event which is important and you will not like to miss it. This tool will remind you about all the upcoming events which are already been fed into this tool. This tool is best suited to remind you about the events that are repetitive in nature like paying the bills, television shows, taking medicines and many more. As we have already reviewed a similar tool known as ‘QTV’ which is a TV show reminder tool and thus it reminds only about the TV shows.


As you can see from the above snapshot, the space in between the application window has been divided into different rows so its used to list down the events which are mentioned by you. There is toolbar above the list which contains various icons to perform various operations like adding a new event, deleting an event, editing a selected event, copying an event, creating a task list and many more. You can see the operation of an icon by the tooltip represented by it.


When you will try to add any event, then it will shown the same application window as shown above. You can repeat your event on different period of time like you can repeat an even on certain days or you can repeat them on first, second or third day of a month or you can repeat them after every 2, 3,4 or any number of days. You can also add an alarm to the notification, the sound of that alarm will be a .wav file which is preloaded in that tool. You can also change the number of minutes which before which the notification should start for a particular event.

The size of this tool is 999Kb which is very small, it gets installed very quickly, creating a desktop shortcut. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, use it and enjoy!!!

Download RMP3

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