Free Software To Open and Extract .RAR Files

Normally when you download a file from Internet and forums etc, its file type is .rar which cannot be opened in windows by its default program rather you need to download WinRAR trail version program which can open and extract .rar files. As this program is trail version so every time you use WinRAR it will ask you to register it or buy a license of the program before 40 days trail ends.


RarMonkey is a free alternative to WinRAR which allows you to extract compressed rar archive which you normally download from forums, file-hosting sites, and newsgroups.

Following are some key features of RarMonkey

  • Optionally integrates with Windows Shell (Explorer context menu).
  • Optionally associates itself with Rar files.
  • Can extract several Rar archives at once.
  • Can use one password automatically for multiple archive extractions of Rar files that are protected with the same password.
  • Cool, fun interface.
  • Absolutely free!
  • Small in size to download and use [ around 2.5 MB ]
  • How To Use – After installation it will add the option in right click context menu as Extract with RarMonkey or you can also drag and drop the rar files from windows explorer to RarMonkey Interface.


    If you’re extracting lots of Rar files at once, you can select one destination folder, then have the program automatically create new folders under that one for each archive it extracts in the process, naming those new folders after the name of the Rar file. That way the whole operation can happen unattended, since you don’t have to keep selecting destination folders.

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