Free Registry Back Tool For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 – RegBak – Easy Way To Backup and Restore Registry In Windows

Registry is the most crucial database which is responsible to keep your windows running and keeping your windows operating system healthy, when we use windows with time we install so many softwares, some times performs some tweaks also which are related to registry so it becomes very important to keep the backup of the windows registry which you can restore later, in case if something goes wrong.


RegBak is a free to use tool which is completely portable and can be run from a single executable file, it will make the backup of the current state of the registry and lets you restore the same when you want to.

After clicking next button as shown in the above image dialog box you will see the progress while it makes the backup of your computer registry. Once the backup is complete it will also show up the message how can you restore the backup of registry you just created.


As shown in the image above you will need to run the file REGRES.exe in the folder path where the backup of the registry is created. When you run REGRES.exe you will the following dialog box to restore the registry, you just need to click next to restore the registry backup you had created before.


Download RegBak


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