Free Platform Independent Youtube Video Downloader – Works On Mac, Linux and Windows

YouTube Downloader is a powerful, free to use platform independent youtube video downloader based on java so it works in all the operating system including Mac OS, Linux and Windows, you just need to have the latest java run time installed on your computer. The program offers a unique feature which makes possible to extract video files names from the YouTube website when you paste the link to the youtube video. We have written about some other youtube tools like Youtube Desktop Downloader, Download Youtube Videos In FireFox, Youtube Downloader HD, Youtube Video As Audio Song MP3 and how to Search and Download Youtube Videos and other youtube tweaks


It allows batch downloading of youtube videos, and by default it will save the downloaded videos to documents folder on your windows computer, you can even pause the downloading of videos in between when ever you want. It is simple, easy and straight forward universal youtube downloader.  

Some Key Features:

  • multiple downloads during one program session.
  • easy to use graphical user interface and html format download report.
  • It is portable youtube downloader

Note: The YouTube Downloader is distributed with a bonus application by the same author.

Download Universal Platform Independent Youtube Downloader

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