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Not very long ago, I reviewed a simple word processor for Mac OS X called Bean, which was a very lightweight competitor to MS Word, with very few features to boast about. Today, I’ll be talking about another very similar word processor; similar, but more refined, and is called myWritings.

myWritings is currently in beta stages, and is therefore an unfinished and buggy product. Nevertheless, it is free to try out and review for anyone who wants to. The first thing that I noticed about myWritings and that any other OS X user would notice, would be its clean, simple and native interface. The default UI is uncluttered, has a very limited set of control buttons and functions. The main toolbar performs most of the formatting related functions.

Compare this with the tons of buttons on MS Word, which are more than often intimidating to the new user, and can be scary too, for someone who does not know his way around the system. Very much similar to Bean, myWritings also displays the document-related counts in the footer, which helps you keep track of the size of your document.

An interesting feature of myWritings are 3 dedicated pallets located right in the middle of main toolbar, which perform a large part of the functionality that myWritings is aimed at.

  1. Snippets – If you have some small snippets of text, or even whole document templates including images and tables that are being used frequently in your documents, then instead of locating its source, copying and pasting it in your document, you can add it the Snippet pallet. All the insertion and addition functionality is implemented via simple drag and drop.
  2. Files – Similar to snippets, if you have files that are often being used in your document, then you can place them if the Files list and add them, or even quick look them via the Files pallet.
  3. Documents – Any documents that you have created or accessed in the past is listed here for quick look, opening or modification.

Besides this, the UI is very fluid. Anything that you don’t require while writing or editing can be hidden (such as the main toolbar) which makes it even more useful. While writing a document (when you’re not doing the formatting) any other stuff on the screen is just a distraction. The less there is of this, the better.

Overall, I would recommend myWritings over Bean because of its very beautiful and simple interface, and powerful functionality. Though please do remember that myWritings is still not a stable release, its in beta. We should hope for a full stable release soon.

Download myWritings


  1. Michael says

    Many thanks for the review :-)
    It is already stable, but of course I need feedback, so I’ve called a ‘beta’

    Michael (MOApp)

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