Free Mass Thumbnail Creator or Maker – Supports Wide Range Of Picture Formats

Easy Thumbnails is a free program which allows you to create accurate thumbnail images and scaled-down/up copies from a wide range of popular picture formats. It allows you to select the imaged individually, in groups or in whole folders. The slider controls to rotate images and adjust their contrast, brightness, sharpness and quality, and check out the results with the built-in viewer.

Previously we had written about how to create thumbnail of a web page and another freeware tool called ThumbMe to create thumbnail of multiple images. But this software is quite advanced as compared to the similar software we have reviewed, Thumbnails can be created in any existing folder or a new folder, and you can identify them clearly by adding a prefix or suffix to their filename.

Here is the screenshot of this program shown below


Following are some key features of Easy Thumbnails

  • Scale images up or down in batches
  • Eleven re sampling filters, including Bicubic and Lanczos3
  • Sharpen soft images from digital cameras
  • Real-time preview of target image and its file size
  • Supports the JPEG 2000 image format
  • Preserves EXIF data in JPEG images
  • Supports lossless JPEG rotation
  • Free software producing quality results

Download Easy Thumbnails to create thumbnails in mass

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