Free Lyrics Getter – Find & Save Lyrics For Any Song For Free

LyricsGetter is a free  program which lets you get free lyrics for any song you n the basis of the title of the song or artist. This program grabs the song lyrics which can further printed, saved and copied for further use.

It can easily integrate with Winamp, so you can even search from the winamp interface to grab the song lyrics for free for any song you want. Even if you use the LyricsGetter, it has a very simple interface which provides you with a search box to search for the lyrics of any song.


It is quite simple and easy to use program to grab the lyrics of your favourite song, you can search for the lyrics by proving the title of the song or the name of the artist who sung it.

Some Key Features of LyricsGetter

  • Search for any song lyrics by song name and artist name
  • Search for artists by song name they sung
  • Watch music clip for many song
  • Search for song lyrics for currently playing winamp song
  • Search for song lyrics for dragged and dropped or opened manually mp3 file
  • Print the found song lyrics to a paper
  • Save the found song lyrics to text file

Note: LyricsGetter is 100% Free song lyrics grabber program.

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