Free Low Battery Sound Alert Application For Windows Laptop – Battery4Life

Battery4Life [ via Life Rocks 2.0 ] is a small free utility which displays a message and sound alert when your laptop battery is running low. Previously we have written about various other laptop battery tips like Remaining Battery Time In TaskBar, Free Laptop Battery Meter, low battery alert in vista and xp and how to Increase Laptop Battery Backup Time and a free app which provides critical battery alarm in windows laptops.


It is one till now the best little application which can produce sound alerts when your laptop battery reaches a critical level, it has there basic sound alerts in built but you can also specify a mp3 file as a sound alert for low battery.

Key Features of Battery4Life

1. Play a sound alert when battery reaches specified level [ default 10 ]

2. Show this application always on top

3. It will automatically add itself to system startup.

4. Show a Big Red Screen when battery reaches specified level [ default 10 ]   


Download Battery4Life


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