Free Live Writer Plugin To Zip Files and Folders And Insert Them As Single Attachment Link To The Post

Live Writer Zipper is a free windows live writer plugin which lets you select any files or folders on your computer and add them as single zip attachment to the post. This could be really time saving when you may develop a single small tool or a small script or any other file which you want to attach to the post simply by uploading to your own sever of your blog.


It will let you attach a single file or more than one file in zip file attachment and which gets added to the post as link to download all the files you selected as a single zip file.

Here is how to do it.

1. In the right pane of windows live writer, click Attach Zip File..

2. Select the files and folder you want to attach the as single zip file attachment to the post.

Download File – ZipSource


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