Free IMG To ISO Conversion Tool For Windows 7 or Later

I have got a converter for you to convert the IMG files to ISO using the IMG to ISO converter. The IMG file is a disk image file format, it is used by the virtual drive software. The extension of the IMG files is .img or .ima. But these days .iso format is more popular than the .img format. The ISO format used by this software follows the ISO-9660 format. The software can also be used to open the .ima files. The application uses the Virtual Hard Disk(VHD) from Microsoft. So when you will run this application in Windows Vista or 7 you need to use the Run as Administrator option or else you will see the UAC(user account control) dialog box every time before you start the tool.

imgtoiso 1

This is the first window that will open when you will run the software after downloading and installing it. The software is very simple and easy to use. You will see two option one is the IMG file and the other is the ISO file. In order to start the conversion from IMG file to the ISO file you will have to open the location of the IMG files that you have to convert to ISO files using the Open button. The output ISO file can be saved at a location using the Save button in the ISO file text box. The tool has a convert button to start the process. Before pressing the Convert button you should select the IMG file and the ISO file location in their respective locations. After you will press convert button the convert process will start and you can see the progress of the process in the Progress window in the tool. There is also an Exit button which can be used to exit from the software after the process is complete.

The IMG to ISO tool is very simple and provides very less option to us. In case we have a file with some other extension like DAA, BIN, UDF etc. then we won’t we able to use this converter. So I have some more options for you like if you have to convert NRG, DAA, UIF, MDF, BIN, DMG and IMG file extensions to ISO you can use AnytoISO converter. The  IMG to ISO tool doesn’t provide you the facility burn the CD or DVD but in case if you want to burn the CD and DVD also you can use ISOBuddy.

Download IMG to ISO.

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