Free High Resolution Automatic Wallpaper Changer For Your Computer

DesktopSlides is a user friendly and resource friendly desktop wallpaper changer. You can set DesktopSlides to change your desktop wallpaper at a predetermined time interval (e.g. every 10 minutes) and customize the wallpaper position (tile, center, fit to screen) easily.

Using the program interface is quite simple as explained below, you just need to install and run the utility, and select your computer screen resolution, time interval for wallpaper change and wallpaper position 


and press the play button at the bottom center of the application [ as shown in application screenshot below ]


This automatic desktop wallpaper changer will automatically download high resolution or your selected resolution wallpapers from and set them as desktop wallpaper on your computer.

Key Features:

1.  Easy to use – Clean & user friendly interface.
2. Light resource usage – 100% Bloat free, DesktopSlides is a wallpaper changer software and does just that, no unnecesary features bloat up this software.
3. System tray icon – Minimize to tray.
4. Wallpaper filters – Load wallpapers filtered by your display ratio or screen resolution.
5. Shuffle wallpapers – Change wallpapers ordered or random.
6. Next & Previous wallpaper – Browse loaded wallpapers easy.
7. Easy updates – Get notified when new version is available and update DesktopSlides with just 2 clicks

Download DesktopSlides [ It requires Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework ]

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