Free Google Voice For Everyone In Complete 2011 [No Charges]

You must be knowing that Google has already introduced their calling features which enables you to call any number in number in US and Canada at very nominal costs. Slowly and slowly VoIP is getting popular and the days will definitely come when you will only be calling your friends over VoIP at very nominal rates. Today in this post I will be telling you about the latest news which has been release by Google regarding this feature of Google Voice calling.


You must have seen any icon in your chat list which is named as Call Phone which will enable you to call any of your friend but this features has only been enabled in US and all the users from US will only be able to use facility. This is to inform all the users that Google has finally decided to extend this feature so that all the users can take the advantage of this facility on Christmas and New Year eve when most of your subscribers will be busy. Though the facility has been extended but this extension has been done only for the users in US and they are the only one who will be able to use so rest of us can dream of using them. I hope that Google will sure do something about it, as early as possible.

This extension has been done for the whole 2011 and now I hope that this feature will be enable by the end of 2011 in most of the other countries, so that other countries can take advantage of this. Let’s see that for how long we will have to wait, but till now US users can use this feature available in their Gmail.

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