Free Duplicate Music Files Finder – Find Duplicate Music MP3 Files Based On Name and MP3s TAGS and Delete Them To Get Free Space

Duplicate Music Files Finder is a free to use application which lets you find duplicate music mp3 files. This small application uses a advanced algorithm which can detect duplicate files based on the file names and even find out duplicate files depending on mp3 tags when files names are not same.


Still you can check the files to be duplicate or not by playing them in your favourite media player to actually check whether files names are really duplicate.

The program comes with a specific module which can be used to quickly rename bad formated music files, you just need to load one folder and DMFF will detect the bad formated files and you can rename those files.

Download Free Duplicate Music Finder


  1. David says

    This works pretty well in CRC mode. Just running it through my 20,000 – odd mp3 tracks and it’s already picked out some duplicates where there is a very minor spelling error or a gap between the file name and the file extension on a duplicate copy. Thumbs up, so far!

  2. GAZZA says

    hi guys its this old aussie bugger again iam still having problems with my cd/dvd on XP/64/PRO iam to terrified to go into the registry in case i stuff my bloody! computer up completely there is some filters to delete & its like putting my hand into a deep dark hole ! because i don,t know if i am doing the right thing i got the info from the net i don,t know, could one of you geniuses please help this old bugger out with a program that you just push a button & its done the DVD/CD player will not read either DVD or CD it just shows 0 when you right click it on all my prerecorded DVD,s & CD,s its just look iam not looking for a hand out iam lookimg for a miracle well when your on a pension its allways a miracle please think about it anyway GAZZA!!!

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