Free Download Skype Full Setup Standalone [ Offline Installer ]

Skype is one such amazing tool for video conferencing, voice communication and lot more other business purposes. it really nice tool to call your distant relatives with absolute voice clarity at lowest call rates with some cool discounts depending on the amount of calling you do with skype.


But if you try downloading skype for windows you will get a small web installer named SkypeSetup.exe from the official skype site which would require internet connection in order to download and install skype on your windows computer.

In order to install skype on any computer with out internet connectivity you would need a full setup standalone offline installer for the latest version of skype released.

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Let’s see from where you can download the full setup of skype

You can simply download the offline installer standalone setup of skype latest version from here, this installer is redistributable which can be given of your friends who like install skype on their computers

Note: We have just got a mail from one of our reader named Merf who has suggested the downloading the business version of th skype installer as the link  given above may die out when the next version of skype is released, here is the link to download business version of skype which comes with a full msi installer file.

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  1. Clara Menezes says

    pls give me more details on skype. Want to use skype for video conferencing. Would appreciate if a demo can be given on the same.

  2. Rupom Ahmed Khan says

    Plz i need SKYPE for video conferencing, voice chat….plz give me the link for download.thanks

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  5. Dhason Simon says

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    Skype is very good and nice soft were. I like This.

    Vinay Trivedi

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