Free Desktop Uploader For File Sharing Services Like Rapidshare, Deposit Files, Megaupload , Oxyshare etc

RapidUp is very useful desktop file uploader tool for some popular and widely used file sharing service works with rapidshare, megaupload, depositfiles, megashare, rapidupload, turboupload, zShare, zUpload, Quicksharing, FileFront etc. Previously we had written related tips on Drag and Drop To Upload On Windows Sky Drive, Share Large Files On Internet Directly, File+Image Uploader Tool For 70+ Hosting Services 

With this small utility you can directly upload files to uploading servers directly from your desktop, you don’t need to open the uploading server site in your browser.


It supports premium accounts and can even upload without needing any account as anonymous person, It has a powerful upload engine based on Indy 10 and Microsoft’s Internet Technologies, which has Scheduler, Auto-Shutdown, Bandwidth-Limiter, Multiple uploads at the same time like features which makes irt more robust uploader tool.

Download RapidUp

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