Free Desktop Application For Facebook Chat | Chat With Facebook Without Any Browser | Facebook and Google Talk Desktop Chatting Client For Windows and MAC OS

Some time you may want to chat with your facebook friends but not through your browser, Gabtastik is a free site specific browser for web chat services, It is a free desktop client application which specifically allows you to chat with your gtalk buddies and facebook friends. It uses a small screen space and system memory.


For those who don’t like to load the facebook page only for the chatting purposes this can be a great application which saves space on your desktop and simply a straight forward application.

It also lets you specify window display level and window opacity and you can toggle quickly between supported chat services.

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Application Requirements:

  1. ‣Windows XP with .NET 2.0 or Windows Vista

  2. ‣Adobe Flash Player

  3. ‣Web chat account(s)

Download Gabtastik


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