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From some days I was searching for command line free twitter client for windows with which I can tweet directly from command prompt console, Twimmando is a free console based twitter client with which you can tweet from command line interface in windows

Why a Command Line Twitter Client ?

There are some people which are programmers, software engineers and some network engineers and sometimes they might not have time or access to twitter web interface and they don’t use twitter clients. Some of them might enjoy tweeting from command line as they might have other work to perform on command prompt and even their boss cannot even suspect that tweeting can be done from command line.

Another reason is simple geeks like me who would rather stress on the geeky way of doing things – so i specially feel more excited to tweet on twitter from a command line rather than with some third party twitter clients.


Following are the common command syntax to tweet with twitter command line client.

1. In order to retrieve public time line you can copy paste the following command in command prompt window

twimmando -uri /statuses/public_timeline.xml

but I would suggest not to try the above command as the output is not easily readable – output is unformatted you may not be able to read the public time line messages.

2. To post new messages to twitter using this free command line tool, type the command in the following systax 

   twimmando -uri /statuses/update.json -f status "Your Tweeting Message To Twitter" -post -u ID -p PASS 

For Example:  twimmando -uri /statuses/update.json -f status "Testing Twitter Command Line Tool - Twimmando  " -post -u <twitter username> -p <twitter login password>

How To Install Command Line Twitter Client As Windows Internal Command  

1. This command line twitter client comes in zip package which contains two files one is twimmando.exe and twimmando.cs

Note: After Downloading and extracting the zip file right click the file twimmando.cs and open it with notepad and replace with your twitter username and password  as per the following text written

public string <type your twitter username>


public string <type your twitter password> at line number

save the file and copy both twimmando.exe and twimmando.cs in C:/Windows

2. After copying the command line tool files in windows, this small tool can be directly used from windows command prompt by using the above mentioned command line arguments. You just need to type twimmando and it will show you command line interface and command tips.

Download Twimmando


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