Free Audio, Video CD/DVD Burn Program

Most of the beginners face problem in burning a physical disc. Many DVD/CD writer softwares are available for doing this job but are very complicated to use and does not provide much features.

In solution to this, there is a freeware called Ink DVD-Writer which makes burning data on discs simpler and faster.

Ink DVD-Writer is a complete package which includes the feature of copying one CD/DVD directly, disc images burning and many more. It is a smart utility which is compatible with windows 7, vista, 2000, 2003 and xp.

When installed in your system, it will show mainly 6 options of burning (Data, audio, video disc, write image, copy disc and read disc) on the main window. The interface is easy to use with all the options in the form of icons present on the main window.


For starting a new project, just click on the desired option and start working. For example, i will choose ‘Data Disc’ then, it will show a new window where i can add the folders which i want to burn on a physical disc. This tool also provides the option of ‘Drag and Drop’ which will make it easy to work on.

It also provides certain options for making some changes on the physical disc. For example, renaming any folder or making sub-folders. With this tool, all this work can be done with just few clicks only.


After adding all the folders, you just have to select the desired option of burning from the icons available on the top of main window. For example, it offers to burn a disc image on a CD/DVD or burn one CD/DVD to other directly.

You can also format the disc present with just a click.


In case if you do not want to burn the current project now then, it provides the option of saving that project and can open it later.

One of the main characteristics of this tool is its faster speed than the other applications of its kind which makes it a popular and unique tool.

For advanced users, it also provides the option of ‘configuration’ in which you can personalize its settings for example, enabling program log, smoke effects and many more.


Likewise, there are also various options to explore which are self-explanatory. In short, i can say that this application is a complete package of CD/DVD writer with various unique features which are easy to use. So, thumbs up for it.

Download Ink DVD-Writer

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