Close Processes, Free Up Space On Nokia Symbian Mobile

Now a days all the multimedia phones are transforming into portable computers as they let you perform most of the tasks that you generally do on your personal computers. A couple of years back tasks like gaming or blogging were only restricted to computer but today the same could be performed on your touch based phones as well.

One of the most recent additions to the list of things which could be performed on a cellphone is Multitasking which enables you to actively use and switch between several applications at the same time. We are talking about all these tasks only because once run these slow down your cellphone as they create temporary files and also use some ram or memory of the phones which is exactly similar to what we see on our computers.

Infact now even our mobile phones are prone to malware threats which is a very serious problem resulting in the same problem of slow operation of your device. Can’t we tackle all these problems? Yes we can with separate dedicated applications made by developers for freeing space by eliminating processes, scanning for malware, clearing cache memory etc.

Now the question is to why use separate apps for tasks and why not get one single application capable of doing all these tasks at once which were unachievable otherwise? NetQin Mobile Guard is the ultimate application for your touch screen Nokia phone, available on Nokia Ovi Store for free and occupies a space of 0.6MB.


Some of the key features of the app are:

  • System Optimization
  • Proactive Protection
  • Internet Usage Management

It has some very useful features including:

  1. Boot manager from where you can customize the processes and application you wish to run on boot
  2. Task manager to kill processes running in background and eating up your battery
  3. Spam cleaner
  4. Web manager for keeping a track of your monthly usage and connection logs
  5. Disk manager to monitor the amount of free space available both on your phone and your memory car
  6. Anti malware to scan your phone for malware threats
  7. Application manager for uninstallation of apps and other functions
  8. An OS scanner which even rates your operating system according to the level of safety
  9. File manager to manage through the system folders and files
  10. Lastly a Share feature to share files via bluetooth with your friends

We guess these features are useful enough and will definitely help you optimize your phone so as to make it run fast all the time.

Download NetQin Mobile Guard – [Nokia Ovi Store]

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