Free Amazon S3 Desktop Uploader and Downloader Tool For Windows

What is Amazon S3 Service ?

For those who don’t know Amazon S3 provides a simple and very useful web service which can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any point of time from anywhere on the web. In other words Amazon S3 server stores the files and images so that you can link them and display them on your site with loading the website server with large image queries and by saving bandwidth and space on your website server.

In order to upload and download files from Amazon S3 servers you can use the free windows desktop tool called S3 Browser which not only allows to browse the data stored on your computer.

S3 Browser - the best freeware client for amazon s3  

Some Key Features Of S3 Browser are:

1. It supports Multiple Amazon S3 Accounts.
2. Can deal with large number of files without crashing
3. It is a custom headers editor.
4. You can generate the Web URLs for your files on amazon s3 server 
5. It saves bandwidth and have proxy support.
6. You can copy/move between amazon s3 accounts.
7. It has drag and drop support.
8. It decreases the number of requests and save money.

Moreover it offers several other features like share your buckets with other Amazon S3 users, use Buckets shared by other Amazon S3 users and set access control on buckets and files.

Note: Portable version of S3 Browser is available.
Download S3 Browser [ Direct Link ]

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