Free 1 Year License Key For Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 For Windows 7 Launch Party Attendees and Hosts.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 one year valid serial number will be given to all the windows 7 launch party attendees and hosts today to all the host and attendees at the windows 7 launch party. As Windows 7 is scheduled to be launched today. Here is the message they have displayed on the promotional page

Kaspersky Internet Security Offer for Windows 7 Launch Parties

Thank you for visiting our special offer page for Windows 7 Launch Party attendees and hosts. Our offer will go live when Windows 7 is publically released on October 22nd. Please check back then to receive your license code for Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.

So, if you are a windows 7 launch party attendee you can get your free 1 year valid license from this page, For all others who are neither windows 7 attendees or hosts keep waiting till we come out another way for you to get the same 1 year license, keep a track on this site we will come up with a way as soon as possible.

Update: As per the latest update from the reader and me tested, Kaspersky is not giving as promised. As in order to get a 1 year license you need to enter the US host based E mail ID of the Windows 7 Launch Party Host. [ as shown in the image below ]



  1. budha says

    plz man can ya send me a license code for KIS 2010.:-))))))))))))))))
    it would be awesome;-))))))))))

  2. Christen says

    You have to attend a Windows 7 launch event for this to activate. You cannot just click on the link.

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