Forward All Yahoo Mail Emails To Other Email Account For Free

Since the day I have started using google mail, as most of know as Gmail, I have never looked back. I know there are some people that may not agree with me as they may have a different opinion but for me gmail is the most simplistic and powerful email interface across all email system I have see till now.

So the first good news for me, was when I came to know that I can forward all my new yahoo mails to some other email address without even upgrading to yahoo mail plus paid version of yahoo mail.

Follow the procedure below, to know how to forward Yahoo! Mail to another email address.

1. Login to yahoo mail and go to yahoo mail account settings.

yahoo mail settings

2. Select forwarding under yahoo mail options, and enter the email address as shown in the image below.

forwarding email in yahoo

This is not over yet, as once you add the email address on which you want to forward the emails – you will get a verification email in which you will need to click the verification link as shown in the image below.

very yahoo forwarding email address

Now after clicking the link to verify the email address, you will be redirected to successful confirmation page.

yahoo mail forwarded confirmation

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