Format, Convert USB File System To NTFS or FAT 3224

Whenever we think of installing a new Operation system through pen drives, then we always go for the tools which can convert the default file system of FAT32 into NTFS file system. So, these tools should be portable and small in size. Today, I will be reviewing a tool produced by Martik, known as Martik USB Disk formatter, which can do the same for you, with all the desired features of that tool.

Our operating system formats the USB drive into FAT32 file system, by default, but at the time of installing an operating system, we need to format our pen drives on NTFS file system. It also happens that some times our OS rejects to format our USB drive, so we can go for this tool.

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When you will launch this tool, then it will automatically detect the pen drives attached to your system. I does not matter whether you launch this tool after attaching the pen drive or before attaching it. As soon as launch this tool, it will keep on checking your system for the available USB storage devices. If there are more than one detected devices, then you can select one by the name enlisted in the scroll down menu available in the top of the application window.

The you have an option to change the file system of that USB drive while formatting it. It has got two options one if FAT32 and the other one is NTFS file system. Choose the suitable file system option. Then you have another option, which can change the name of you USB drive, though it can be done very easily in a default way, but you can do it using this tool, if you are formatting you USB for a specific purpose.

Now, after going through all the above steps, you will find two options for formatting your USB storage device and one of them has to be chosen on the basis of time which can be given for the formatting of your USB drive. So, you can either select Quick Scan option or Enable compression (this one will work only when you choose NTFS file system).

The size of this freeware is really very small, i.e. 48 Kb and it has all the above mentioned expected features like it is portable, it is very light to use and its response time is also very low. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, go for it and make yourself feel free with all the file system problems.

Download Martik USB Disk formatter


  1. Jean says

    About the conversion of NTFS and FAT32? Just a little confused. A I know convert NTFS to FAT32 is much difficult. Am I right?

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